Medicaid Reward Card Program

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Medicaid Plans & Programs

The OTCNetwork™ is the first national OTC reward disbursement and redemption for Medicaid incentive programs, which addresses cost containment, member engagement and comprehensive reporting. Our OTCNetwork enables health plans to provide more efficient member access to and use of wellness items through our defined-spend program. Our programs make it easier for members of Medicaid plans to purchase healthy items and stay current on their insurance payment premiums locally and conveniently. The use of a defined-spend card ties the intent of the reward initiative to the member behavior and purchases.

Incentive campaigns can be designed to improve HEDIS measures, and members may qualify for multiple reward programs. Our technology enables health plans to design and track multiple incentive campaigns simultaneously. Campaigns can be managed on a regional, plan or national level with comprehensive reporting. The health plan branded, re-loadable or one-time use card provides a positive health plan experience at every purchase event.

Health plan members are able to use their reward funds at over 45,000 convenient retailers throughout the US. The health plan can define expiration date for fund use and any unused funds will remain with the health plan.

To learn more about how your organization can offer InComm Health’s OTCMedicaid program to its members, please contact us here.