InComm’s Affinity Platform

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InComm Healthcare & Affinity’s enhanced payment, or Affinity platform, provides an easy-to-implement “swipe-and-save” functionality to cards belonging to members of affinity groups. Cards maintain their current affinity group branding, and the Affinity platform functionality can be loaded to member cards across a variety of participating merchants and retailers.

Enable the following types of programs for customers:

  • Retailer private-label programs
  • Retailer-driven, co-branded programs in conjunction with retailer’s partners of choice
  • Third-party partner programs that InComm will set up with the option for retailer to opt in

Our Affinity payment platform features tools for:

  • Increasing the value of existing promotions with designated brands and retailers
  • Engaging customers with exclusive rewards that are customized for them
  • Enhancing brand recognition and leveraging select items or brands
The Affinity platform combines open- and closed-loop transaction networks with a UPC (universal product code) level rules-based engine. The rules-based engagement platform provides a single point of integration for third-party restricted-spend programs. For retailers, the platform can support multiple sponsors, payment types and payers for each program, significantly expanding the scope of the member benefit. For brands, it creates a new level of integration into the retail experience.
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